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Ferenc is a man who brings a positive change into your life. He certainly did into mine! And he does it in a very gentle, but a very convincing way. You feel safe and encouraged all the way and when you fall off the wagon, he is there for you to pick you up and get you back on it again. He is a true inspiration to me. And in my crazy hectic life, time spent together at the gym is an island of me-time, motivation, concentration and total escape from the reality. I just love it, tell all my friends about it and so should YOU!!!”

Katya - Concert pianist, Professor of Piano at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

After 12 weeks training program, 3 times weekly with Ferenc I lost 10 kgs, transformed my body and gained confidence. With his guidance, I changed my lifestyle and food intake and the result was great. I received so many compliments. I can honestly say that he is a professional who loves his job and it is a pleasure training with him. Now I am back and he is my PT again because I know that I can achieve my goal with his help.

Juneyt - London

Being an overweight child and teenager had a big impact on my current relationship with food. After losing over 20kgs I made a decision to start building muscle but straggled for years because of my diet. Feri gave me advices how I can improve my calorie intake and keeps monitoring my progress. He is a great trainer who teaches you the right techniques and proves that training is not about how much weight you put on the bar…

Gabor - Corporate Receptionist and Office Administrator, London

How did I end up with Ferenc? Simple, I was looking for a trainer who’s not just looking! Actually could see the problem in my daily workout routine and helped me to correct the wrong movements, thought me several new workouts, advised me with healthier eating and nutrition. I put thrust in him and I can say I didn’t regret that.

Aniko - London

"Working with Ferenc is amazing! He is able to clearly explain the exercises, what muscles they work and how to change my technique if I stop doing things correctly. 
Ferenc knows when to push me to do more, but also when to stop if my body has had enough. 
I highly recommend working with Ferenc!"

Gabrielle - Waitress, London

Ferenc is an excellent trainer. He does exactly what a personal trainer should do.
After the first consultation with him he quickly got to know what I needed to achieve my goal and came up with a workout plan and prepared a personalized diet plan also, which I really love.
My plan was loosing weight/fat and getting stronger, toned body, and I was ready to do everything for it. It's been only 3 months I started to work out with him but got amazing results from our hard work.
He is patient, punctual, smart trainer, motivating his clients and its fun to work out with him. He is pushing me always a bit beyond what I think I can do.
Highest recommendation.

Katalin - Clinical assitant, London

I am very happy to have chosen Ferenc like my first personal trainer, because thanks to him I learned how to train properly, he is very good at teaching, friendly and the thing I like the most is his professionalism.

Alex - Freelancer, London

Working with Ferenc is great. He has shown me loads of new exercises and most importantly the correct posture and technique so that I don’t hurt myself. Overall he has increased my confidence so I feel more comfortable and capable when I go to the gym.

Alexander - Restaurant manager, London

How to sum Ferenc up in a few words?? Professional. Sincere. Knowledgeable. Supportive. Extremely good qualities to have in a personal trainer. I started with Ferenc in December 2015 two weeks before Christmas. I have been training with him on and off but have recently returned more consistently. I am so happy with the results as im getting the body i desire. During consultation I was very specific about what I wanted to achieve. The sessions are perfectly geared towards my needs.
I go away from each training session feeling like I have worked hard and it is clear that he actually cares that you get the results you desire. He is so knowledgeable about the body and diets. Always advising me of the correct foods to eat. As my first personal trainer I couldn't ask for better. Highly recommended. Thanks for putting me through my paces even when I moan.

Jasmyn AKA 'Tough Cookie' – Manager, London

As I was getting closer to the age of 30 and even working a lot I felt a long time that I need some transformation. Thats when I asked for help from Feri. Working in the hospitality industry its not easy to get regularity into my weeks! But with his passion and knowledge I learned that it is only me who can hold myself back! Amazing attitude and professionalism what you can get from him!

Anett - Head Waitress, London

I have been working with Ferenc now for about 3 months and my experience is my training has gone from strength to strength. Before I wasn't really enjoying training I was dragging my heals. Now I have built good stronge habits. My diet has improved hugely from shopping to preparing food to enjoying food.
We have taken measurements regularly and there has been rapid progress in a short space of time I went from 30 percent body I'm currently 23 percent I have built muscle became much fitter and general much happier.
I tried in the gym to reach my goal for 15 years didn't happen.
Now my dream is becoming reality.
I would highly recommend Ferenc to anyone who wants to get wripped build muscle or generally improve fittness life.

Mark - Chef, London

Almost 2 years ago, I decided that a drastic change in my life was urgently required. After several years of general physical neglect and overall laziness , I absolutely yearned for change, I wanted to feel  better, stronger in both body and mind – And so, the journey begun, I joined EasyGym.

At the time, I had the privilege to meet Ferenc with whom I had an initial consultation, I then decided to use him as a personal coach and trainer. Personally, it was about finding someone who could clearly understand where I was coming from but more importantly understand where I wanted to go  - it’s about a partnership, and I found exactly that in Ferenc’s, his enthusiasm, support and overall professionalism is simply outstanding -  I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to make essential changes in their day to day life.

 Today is a new day, and I can’t begin to tell you all how good I feel, I am determined to see this  journey through….  Thank you Ferenc for all your support and encouragements.

Chris - London

Even though we haven't trained together for long, I could definitely recommend Ferenc. He's knowledge of fitness is extensive, whenever I had questions, he made sure I understood what I wanted to know, whether it was about nutrition, or training. If I struggled with any exercise, he explained it in a way that was very clear, and adaptable. Plus it's easy to get on with him. If you want to achieve your goals ask for his help!

Daniel - Customer Assistant, London

Zsuzsanna - London

To be a girl who was always a bit overweight with lack of self-confidence, wasn't easy to step out from my "comfort" zone. So after all, I decided to go to the gym with a personal trainer, and I chose Feri. Not even in 3 months my body has changed a lot I lost weight I got toned and I got stronger. Now I love myself looking at the mirror. The way how he warm greeting me every day in the gym make me feel special and I know I can do everything. He is really smart and professional who knows how to motivate and support me in different ways when I'm a bit down. I know I couldn't choose better than Feri!!


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